Our apiary

It is traditional, family apiary from generations.
Nowadays it is directed by Marek Atroszko and his son Jacek (photo).


Our farm is located in little village Gozdowice, on the bank of Odra river, on the border between Poland and Germany. It is beautiful and clean area located in Cedynia Landscape Park and in the rabge of EU "Nature 2000" project lands. Farm is plited into two parts.

One part of our apiary is located just in the neighbourhood of the river, i Gozdowice, surrounded by woods.

Second part is located near the village Nowe Objezierze and Moryń and is surrounded by fields.


Farm in Gozdowice

Closer viewView from distance

Farm and apiary

Fot. Przemysław Cimoszko

Neighbourhood of apiary in
Nowe Objezierze

Apiary in Nowe Objezierze

Closer viewView from distance


Fot. Przemysław Cimoszko


In our apiary works few billions bees, which brings the honey. This are local bees as well as Buckfast type bees.

Classic beehives

Our apiary contains of 160 beehives.
Part of them are classic hives of type “Warszawskie poszerzane” (Warsaw wider). They were build by creators of our farm. Some of them were created in about 1950.

Modern beehives

Part of apiary contains modern beehives of “langstroth” type. They are light and easier in maintenance.

Only wooden hives

All of our beehives are made of natural wood. We believe that best honey needs most natural environment. That is why we will not use any plastic components.

From the fields

From flowers of fields, meadows and trees that grows around our farm, from the morning till evening our bees brings nectar that becames real and clean honey.