Bees are storing honey in selfmade, build from hexagonal cells wax-combs. They are both - very delicate and very solid.

In our apiary we are taking out honeycombs fith black-locust honey, because this honey stays liquid for the long time, and due that it remains esthetic in appearance.

How to eat honeycomb?

To eat honey from honeycomb we need to cut out a little bit of comb and chew it in mouth for some time, until it lose its sweet taste. Rest of wax that remains in mouth we should throw out.

This is the simplest and the oldest way of eating honey.

Honeycomb may be also excellent decoration element for some meals and for party tables.

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Honey in honeycomb

is the most natural method of honey storage. The cells which bees have filled in 100% are closed by them.

A piece of honeycomb

may be excellent decorational element. Esecialy during Christmas or Easter time in may be elegant and delicious addon on the dinner table.