Bees propolis is a substance made by bees from wood and plants kuices and resin.
Plants used for that purpose are mainly: poplar, birch, spruce, aesculus and green plants.
It is used by bees for fixing little holes and damages insite the beehive.

Propolis is acquired by scraping off of the inner parts of beehive. After scrape it has form of little (few milimetres) tiles. In storage process they became naturally sticked together like kind of gum.

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Usage of propolis:

Propolis has very strong germicidal properties. It fastens wound healing and cures inflammations.

It is being used in medicine, for medicins manufacture and for cosmetics.


is collecting by scrapping off from the beehives interior and frames. After scrapping from beehives it has shape of small tiles.


is extremely sticky. While storaging it changes its shape into kind of conglomerate.