Rapeseed honey:

When it is fresh, just after taking from beehive it is liquid and light yellow. It becam thick quickest than any other honey - just after one week. After that it became white and relatively hard. It is very sweet ant it keeps the smell of rapeseed flowers. Rapeseed honey is rich in glucose and amino-acids

Our bees are making this honey in the apiary part in village Nowe Objezierze near Moryń. It is clean area and outpost location among large fields.

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rapeseed honey

Rapeseed honey

is produced in may out of flowers of rapeseed (Brassica napus L. var. napus), which crops are being cultivated as oil-plants. Large rapeseed fields covers whole areas around our apiary.

Rapeseed honey

because of its creamy consistence is perfect for bread.